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Cutting-edge products that promote healthy living


Lift Tech Fitness is built on the foundation of trust, honesty, and integrity and doing what’s right for our consumers, our distributors & dealers, and the Lift Tech Team. We believe that our company can deliver top-quality products while putting the customer first and maintaining a sense of community in the fitness industry. Our passion is in the fitness industry, our focus is on you.


To develop and build innovative, cutting-edge products that promote healthy living.


The Lifttech Fitness Range


Commit To Quality

Whether it’s designing a new product or finishing that final rep, we want to give nothing but our best. We believe that with effort and dedication, nothing is unobtainable. We want to consistently put forth our best to provide customers with a quality experience every time.

Build A Community

We strive to build a strong community that stretches around the world through a shared passion of health and fitness. This stretches from our employees and athletes to our customers and vendors. Together, we inspire each other to reach our full potential.

Celebrate Success

With hard work comes great achievements. We cheer for each other’s success and pick each other up after we fall. Big or small, we believe any goal achieved is worth celebrating.

Keep Evolving

Change is inevitable. Instead of being afraid of change, we strive to embrace it to grow and learn. Lift Tech Fitness constantly evolves as the industry and the world changes while remaining true to who we are.

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