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Spikey massage balls are massage products used by massage therapists to stimulate the skin and underlying soft tissues in order to get a therapeutic effect. Depending on how vigorously they are applied massage balls can have a relaxing or stimulatory effect on muscles and soft tissues. Now you can use massage balls yourself to get the therapeutic benefits of massage at home.

Ideal for co-ordination, ankle and foot mobilisation, reflexology, myofascia release, trigger point and pilates. Stimulates muscle reflexes to ease tension and provide relaxation of the body.


Please read the instructions below before using the balls:

  • Before each workout, check the equipment for possible wear.
  • Always perform a warm up prior to exercising.
  • Perform exercises in a slow and controlled manor.
  • Workout at an appropriate level.
  • Ensure you breathe whilst performing the exercises to avoid excessive strain.
  • Discontinue any exercise that is uncomfortable or causes discomfort.
  • As with any other physical activity, it is recommended you consult with your doctor when beginning any type of exercise program.

Exercise Instructions

  • Warm up before you commence the workout.
  • Complete 1-3 sets of 8-12 reps of each exercise.
  • Rest in-between each set.
  • Perform each exercise through a full Range of Motion.


These exercises are designed to reduce muscle tension and improve flexibility of specific joints and muscles. Simply place the spikey massage ball in the specified areas and slowly move your body forward, backwards or side to side allowing the spikey ball to massage the area.

Repeat this process for 30 – 60 seconds, provided there it is comfortable and does not cause pain. If you find a particular area of tightness, you can apply sustained pressure to that particular spot for 20 seconds or until the muscle relaxes.

Individual sizes are specifically designed to target different areas of the body.

  • 10 cm/4in Black: For use on the back
  • 9 cm/3in Grey: For the arms and lower legs
  • 7 cm/2.3in Green: For massaging the hands and feet


Live On The Edge Ltd assumes no liability or responsibility for accidents or injury to person or property that may result from the improper use of this product. Be sure to always consult your health care professional or licensed medical doctor before exercising with these bands or beginning any type of exercise program.