Named the Dental Advisor’s Best Product Category Award winner for 3 years in a row, the SOVA Aero Night Guard, powered by Diffusix™ Technology, is scientifically designed to protect your teeth from a night of grinding. Made from a non-compressible, perforated material that better protects your teeth at night, SOVA Aero Night Guard is remoldable to create the best possible custom fit in a matter of minutes. The SOVA Aero: comfortable, durable affordable, and covered by 120 day durability warranty.

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Patient Benefits:

  • Custom comfort in minutes
  • Allows natural flow of air and saliva
  • Talk, breathe, drink while in place
  • BPA, Latex, Phthalate, PVC free
  • Immediate solution for acute patients
  • 120 day Durability Warranty
  • Can be used on top or bottom teeth

Diffusix™ Technology

Diffusix™ Technology

Diffusix™ technology works with unique perforations and special ‘crumple zones’ which prevent impact forces from traveling to your teeth, relieving pain and reducing the risk of dental injury.

How it Works

Designed to withstand 30% more impact than a conventional mouth guard, SOVA™’s scientifically engineered crumple zones prevent residual force of impact from travelling to your teeth. When a SOVA™ Night Guard is properly fitted, perforations oscillate on impact, dissipating grinding forces and guiding those forces into the crumple zones.

So, Why The Perforations?

Designed for better durability and impact resistance, the perforations allow for a custom fit and natural flow of air and saliva. Designed from the concept of bridge building engineering, the perforations oscillate during night grinding and spread the impact forces through the surface of the guard and away from your teeth.

SOVA™ + Diffusix™ = A Better Day

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