Heated Thermal Massage Roller


Get an ultra-portable, heated rolling massage that’s key for muscle recovery and elasticity. The Thermal Roll-On Massager is like a rolling heat pack. It targets trigger points and kneads sore muscles after workouts or any of life’s activities.

Heating pads have long been used to reduce and relax swelling and inflammation. GoFit’s faster and more effective way to roll-on this warm massage fits right in the palm of your hand. With the same no-slip, rubbery grip as our Roll-On Massager, the Thermal Roll-On Massager has a stainless steal roller ball that stays toasty warm while it rolls.

Trigger point massage with smooth rolling heat
Stainless Roller Ball stays warm
– Ball threads quickly together for use
Comfortable, soft rubber grip fits in your palm
Smooth roll-on action
Microwavable,thermal inner ball technology for easy heating
– Note: follow directions carefully (included)
Soft TPE rubber exterior is easy to grip and is insulated from heat
Highly portable and compact
Roll-On Massager Size: 3″ x 3″

GoFit Thermal Roll-On Massager Assists with:

Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Pain
Carpal Tunnel
Tennis Elbow
Plantar Fasciitis
Much, much more.

One Thermal Roll-On Massager
Instructional Therapy Guide

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