Guide Mat


The GoFit Guide Mat is a super convenient tool to take your workout anywhere and see real results. With exercises and instructions printed right on the mat, it’s like having a coach right there to guide you through a dynamic workout that includes a warm-up, calisthenics, and recovery exercises! The mat is double-cushioned, closed cell foam with a non-slip surface providing extra comfort and protection for all exercises and stretches. The mat easily rolls up for storage and wipes clean with a damp towel, making every session doubly effective and efficient. Train. Recover. Repeat. GoFit.

24 exercises with instructions printed right on the mat.
Warm-Up, Calisthenics, and Recovery workout.
Extra Cushion—6mm Double
Thick Closed Cell Foam
Superior comfort for stretches and exercises.
Textured surface for secure footing and added grip.

Length: 72″
Width: 24″
Thickness: 5mm

One Guide Mat

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