Roll-On Massager with Online Therapy Poster- Single unit in Clamshell pkg


Massage away deep muscle pain. Roll out sore trigger points. The ultra portable, GoFit Roll-On Massager is ideal for reaching tight spots and rolling the pain out of muscle tissue.

The durable construction is easy to grip with a rubber-coated thick plastic shell. The Rolling Ball is a virtually indestructible, solid plastic sphere contained by a removable retaining ring for easy cleaning. A great addition to GoFit’s Muscle Pain Management System—for an active, GoFit life.

Smooth rolling action for firm, targeted self massage trigger point release.
Lightweight, portable size with ergonomic shape.
Smooth-grip TPR rubber surface with solid plastic rolling massage ball.
Removable retaining ring for easy cleaning.
Dimensions—3.25″ Diameter; 2.75″ Height

Roll-On Massager
Online Therapy Poster PDF

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