Vibrating Foam Roller


Improve muscle elasticity and roll out sore muscles more effectively with the power of vibration. Go Vibe Technology combines the benefits of foam roller self massage with vibrating motion. This targeted combo stimulates muscle blood-flow and offers an added dimension to muscle relaxation and flexibility. With four graduated vibration settings and AC- rechargeable power, the GoFit Go Vibe Vibrating Massage Roller provides the most advanced massage technology available—at home or on the go.

Improve muscle elasticity pre-workout
Soothe sore muscles post-workout
Stimulate muscle blood-flow
Four graduated vibration settings


Power button—
On: Press, hold 3-seconds
Off: Press and release
Auto shut-off after 15 minutes—This prevents over-heating. Allow unit to rest in off position for at least 30 minutes before using again.
Indicator lights:
Red light indicates power is on
Blue lights indicate vibration level
Vibration control button—Press consecutively for four graduated vibration levels
Port for AC recharging adapter—Charge for approximately four hours before initial use
Dense, durable closed cell foam—Optimal for massaging deep muscle tissue
Variegated groove pattern— 4mm-deep grooves promote blood flow to muscles and help target trigger point release

Dimensions: 6″ dia. x 12″ length

12″ Go Vibe Vibrating Massage Roller
AC Recharging Cord
Training Manual

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